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Welcome to Global Christian Youth Link from UGANDA  

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  And this pretty much tells the overall goal of Global Christian Youth Link.  Teaching God's Word to children of the world.  And for this group it started in 2 small churches youth classes located outside of Arua, Uganda. 

With one letter to a U.S. Christian Web Publisher for help with simple supplies for his "kids" ... an organization has grown.  A request for paper, pencils and scissors has taken a Sunday School Teacher to a level that would have been difficult to imagine at that time.  But in God all things are possible.

Memory work and reciting scripture is vital in any teaching program.  This young man is giving it his best. 

In ancient times memorization was the only way to learn and entire books were memorized.  Can you do that?  We now have the printed texts, but they do little good if one doesn't know how to read. 

The most recent project being undertaken for GCYL is teaching not only the children, but parents and grandparents how to read and write.  This in an on-going program and more will be shared as the site progresses. 

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site.  See you back here, again.